Sunday, 18 December 2011

10 ‘bad’ habits that are good for you''


Most of us love a good gossip, whether we’re giggling over a colleague’s new romance or passing an opinion on someone’s outfit choice or behavior, and the good news is that gossiping could actually be good for us. Not only does listening to gossip help us to learn more about the characters of those around us, bonding and having a laugh with your peers also releases feel-good hormones which help to relieve stress and anxiety.

10 ‘bad’ habits that are good for you

Drinking coffee

Although drinking too much coffee can be detrimental to your health, in smaller quantities the popular hot drink can actually be good for you. When drunk in moderation (no more than three cups per day), caffeine can speed up your metabolism, boost exercise endurance and reduce your risk of gallstones and kidney stones. A study by the Harvard Medical School has also found that women who drink two or more cups of coffee a day are less likely to be depressed, while separate research has shown that drinking three cups cuts risk of age-related diabetes.


It’s the bane of school teachers everywhere, yet research suggests that fidgeting may be no bad thing – at least in us adults. Research suggests that fidgeting can burn up to 350 extra calories a day, helping you to keep off those excess pounds. To further increase your calorie burn, try to squeeze in more incidental exercise, such as getting up to change the channel rather than using the remote control.


Swearing: it’s not big and it’s not clever... but studies suggest that in certain situations it may actually be good for you. According to a study by the University of East Anglia, swearing at work could help employees cope with stress and maintain solidarity. Meanwhile, researchers at Keele University’s School of Psychology found that swearing can provide effective short-term relief from pain. However, the study also notes that swearing should be reserved for crises only, as the higher the daily swearing frequency was for participants, the less pain relief they experienced.

Skipping a shower

OK, so repeatedly missing showers may not win you any friends, but if you are ever tempted to skip a shower here and there, research suggests that you could be doing your health (and the environment) a favour. Daily washing not only strips your skin of the natural oils that keep it hydrated and supple, it could also strip your skin of good bacteria that help to prevent disease. If you do decide to skip a shower, just try to do it on a day when you won’t be vigorously working out!

Losing your temper

Many of us have been brought up to believe that losing our temper is the ultimate social faux pas. To an extent this is true (nobody wants to hang out with that person who is always losing their cool and shouting their mouth off), however research has found that losing your temper could actually be good for your health. Venting your emotions is believed to reduce the effects of stress, while a Swedish study found that men who bottled up their anger when unfairly treated at work doubled their risk of having a heart attack.


In recent years, official advice has been that we should cover up in the sun at all times to protect ourselves from skin cancer. However, more recently experts have stated that actually little and frequent sun exposure is good for us. In the UK, where vitamin D deficiency is common, seven leading health groups and charities have issued a statement advising everyone to spend 10 minutes in the midday sun without sunblock in order to avoid rickets. Meanwhile, a US study has stated that the vitamin D produced by the sun could help ward off colds and flu. However, experts have stressed that people should cover up after 10 minutes, and skin should never be red at the end of the day.

Having a lie-in

Feeling guilty about your weekend lie-in? Don’t be! Research has found that sleep can help you live longer, boost your memory and reduce stress, while not getting enough can lead to accidents, weight gain, and increased risk of heart disease. Furthermore, delaying your morning workout in favour of some shut-eye may have health benefits, as research from Brunel University found that heavy training sessions early in the morning can compromise the immune system.

Giving in to your cravings

Although constantly giving into junk food cravings is a sure-fire way to sabotage your healthy eating success, allowing yourself the odd treat will not only boost your happiness, it will also help you keep motivated to stay on track. Also, as many people crave the foods that they most attempt to resist, allowing yourself a little of what you fancy can actually help to reduce cravings. If you have imposed extreme restrictions on your diet and cut out entire food groups, cravings could also be a sign of a nutrient deficiency in your diet.


Many of us view daydreaming as a sign of laziness or form of procrastination; however, researchers at the University of British Columbia have found that letting your mind wander can actually help boost your problem-solving abilities. The study found that when participants minds wandered, the parts of their brain associated with problem-solving became more active than when focused on routine tasks. So, while daydreaming can increase the time it takes to complete your present task, it can allow you to unconsciously sort through other important problems in your life.

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Wednesday, 14 December 2011


Boleh x korang sume isi survey nie.. 
Aku nk paling kurang 400 org yg jwb. 
Next week dh nk kena hntr.. 
korng tlglh isi, 
then tlg lh promote2 cikit kat blog korng pasal survey aku nie. tlg lh ye.. 
Blogger should help others bloggers rite??

so nie link untuk isi survey yer..

mudah je soalan2 nya..
tlg yer...

Sunday, 11 December 2011

OMG!!! Once Again!!

Wah.. ini dh 2 kali aku kena tag dlm permainan nie. Tp yg 1st, aku minta maaf coz x jwab. aku terlalu busy dengan projek2 akhir tahun nie. Tp memandangkn dh 2 kali aku kena tag, aku folow gak lh pmainan nie. By the way, thanx 2 mystic angel coz tag aku..

So nielh peraturan2 yg kena folow.
Aku copy paste je, mlas nk taip balik. :P

  1. You must post these rules.
  2. Each person must post 11 things about themselves in their journal.
  3. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post.
  4. Create 11 new questions for the people you tagged to answer.
  5. You have to choose 11 people to tag and link them on the post.
  6. Go to their page and tell them you have tagged HIM/HER.
  7. No tag back!

11 things about me
  • Nama  dlm ic aku ialah Mohd Fahimi Bin Ab. Rashid.. 
  • Aku tingal di sempadan kuantan/kemaman..
  • Now aku belajar kat UiTM Shah Alam..
  • Aku pelajar akhir tahun dlm kejuruteraan kimia & proses..
  • Aku newbie lg dlm blog2 nie..
  • Aku xsuka menunggu org..
  •  Aku xsuka buat keja bkumpulan kalu ahli 2 pmalas n buat keja last minute..
  • Aku peramah n suka tegur sesape je tp ramai org ckp aku gatai (jeles lh 2)..
  •  Aku x spesel pon n x perfect..
  • ko baik dgn aku, aku akn blas baik ko tp klu ko buat jahat dgn aku, aku akn balas dgn lg teruk.. that my principle.
  • Aku suka kartun especially spongebob, ada aku kisah??..

Tu jelh 11 perkara ttg aku nie..
Now nk mjawab soalan mystic angel plak..

  • Korang ada secret admire tak? jangan tipu ok..
klu dh namanya pon ‘secret’, manelh aku nk nk tau..
  • Movie terbaru korang tak?
Running man (bru je lepas tgk nie).. huhu
  • Lagu hits apa korang suka nyanyi kat bilik air?
Lagu ‘sabun di bilik mandi’’..
  • Korang rasa bila saya akan kahwin?
Aku rasa ko akn kawin bila dh smpai jodoh ko..
  • Cita² masa kecik korang dulu apa?
Masa kecik2, aku nk jd power rangers merah..
  • Lelaki or perempuan idaman korang? kenapa suka dia?
Aku suka semua org yg baik dgn aku..
  • Impian korang 10 tahun nanti? nak jadi apa & kenapa?
Bukak company sndiri sbb nk cpat kaya.. J
  • Barang apa yang penting dalam hidup korang?
  • Barang apa selalu ada dalam handbeg or dompet korang?
IC, Name card, coin, notes(kadang2), card bank..
  • Mimpi apa korang rasa paling best dlm hidup…kalo bley tak mo bangun tido
Mimpi jd org kaya..
  • Lastly…korang rasa soalan kita mencabar tak?
Mcabar gila ‘BAB 1’, ‘BAB 1’ pon x mcabar mcm nie..

Now turn aku plak tanya soalan pd magsa2 yg kena tag kat bawah 2..

1.   Nama panggilan spesel ko dirumah?
2.   Motif utama ko buat blog?
3.   Cita2 ko yg mustahil ko capai?
4.   TradeMark Ko?
5.   kartun feveret ko?
6.   suka x drama melayu? klu suka, Tajuk drama apa?
7.   Ko Ada hobi yg pelik dmata org lain? klu ada, sila nyatakan..
8.   Cikgu atau Lecturer yg pling ko suka?
9.   Berapa biji tahi lalat kat muka ko?
10. Destinasi yg paling jauh ko pergi?
11. Last soalan, ko ank manja mak or ayah?

MANGSA2 yg kena TAG:


Sunday, 4 December 2011

BEritA HanGat!!! GelaRAn DR. ROZMEY diTaRIk BaliK!!

1st, baca nie dlu k... 

nk komen byk pon xboleh, kn xpasal2 kena ban blog aku nie..
so after this, no more DR., just ROZMEY k..
nk bniaga 2 bagus, tp bukan dgn cara menipu..
was2 jd duit pndapatan nnt..
By the way, aku setuju tindakan Malaysian Medical Council sbb pkara nie akan malukn MMC sndiri.

** Peringatan kepada semua peniaga, jangan menipu dalam perniagaan anda..
** Agak2 korng, betul x tindakan MMC nie?

Saturday, 26 November 2011

World Cup 2022

Qatar dipilih sebagai tuan rumah atau penganjur untuk World Cup 2022.
So jom kita tengok cikit gmbar2 yg bakal diorg realisasikan dlam 10tahun lagi..
Mmg terbaik!!

++credit to zonbebas

Tuesday, 22 November 2011


Tahniah pada pasukan Malaysia bjaya memenagi pingat emas dlm bola sepak..
Walaupon Ahmad Fakri saarani mgecewakn kita mahupon dlm pmainan dan juga penaltinya,
tapi Baddrol Bakhtiar(kapten) telah mgembirakn sume rakyat Malaysia dengan jaringan penaltinya yg tbaik 2.. 


so nie lh pemain2 Malaysia..

Penjaga gol: Khairul Fahmi Che Mat dan Mohd Izham Tarmizi.
Pertahanan: Mahali Jasuli, Mohd Muslim Ahmad, Mohd Fadhli Shas, Mohd Amer Saidin, Fandi Othman, Asraruddin Putra dan Zubir Azmi.
Tengah: Baddrol Bakhtiar(kapten), Wan Zaharulnizam, K.Gurusamy, Shukur Jusoh, Irfan Fazail, Yong Kuong Yong dan Nazmi Faiz.
Penyerang: Syahrul Azwari, Thamil Arasu, Izzaq Faris dan Fakri Saarani.

Sekarang aku nk highlight detik2 jaringan gol...

nie jaringan yg ptama dr indonesia..

Dan ini dr Malaysia pula..

Dan ini detik2 yg mdebarkn.....

Bgegar rumah aku nie dengan jeritan sume budak umah..
Nasib baik xruntah je, klu x, mmg xdpt mjawablh dgn owner rumah nie..

**Maaf ye jiran2 sbb gegarkn rumah korng skali mlm nie..
**Malaysia 'GO! GO! GO!!'

Thursday, 17 November 2011


Secara official nya, aku buat blog nie pd march 2011..
Kadang2 rajin update, n kadang2 malas update..
N ada lh sorng kwn aku nie cabar aku nk lawan folower siapa lg ramai..
Tercabar tul aku, mentang2 lh aku nie newbie lg kn..
Tarikh last sampai akhir tahun nie (31.12.2011). TOLONG2!!
N sejak akhir2 nie, folower dia meningkat kaw2 (pakai ilmu hitam ke wehy)..
Mmg skrg aku lead lg, tp dgn pningkatan yg mdadak folower dia 2, 
xmustahil sekejap je dia leh potong aku..
Kecewa tul aku..

So pd ari nie aku xsangka folower aku dh capai angka 1++. 
Ok lh 2 kot walaupon x ribu2 mcm bloger yg lain.. :-P

So thanx to Saddila jd folower yg ke 99, 
Arifah Azizam jd yg paling luck iaitu yg ke 100. 
Dan akuadalahaku.. ^_^ telah jd folower yg ke 101.

So aku harap angka nie terus mnigkat dengan mantapnya coz aku nk kalahkn kwn aku yg blagak 2.
So korng ajak lh ramai2 kwn2 korng folow aku (malunya aku)..
By the way, thank 2 all folowers sudi folow aku n thanx jugak pd bakal2 yg nk folow 2 k.. 

** Jgn lupa komen k.. 
** Aku budak NEWBIE lh dlm blog nie. So harap maaf klu ada sesiapa yg terasa dgn sume entry aku..


Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Berita mantap hari nie''

So today i ada baca paper kosmo (kadang2 je baca paper).
 Bkn pasal aku nk langsi sbb baca paper.
Tp entry ari nie aku nk share seketul dua berita/info agak menarik dan mantap.
Dan ianya bukan kes politik ke, gosip artis ke mahupun ekonomi coz sememangnya lari dr minat aku tentang benda2 nie. n nie jugak bukan nk cite pasal sukan sea (klik klu bminat) mcm blog nie. 

So nie pic yg aku snap..

(Sila Click kalau nk baca)

Dan nie plak info tbaik bg girl2 yg suka mand air bah..

(Sila Click kalau nk baca)

So agak2 klu nk mand air bah 2, pastikn ttutup rapi k..
Suggestion: pkai pyumbat.

So nie je yg aku nk share pd korng ari nie.

* Jaga pemakanan anda sebelum terlambat. ''Fikir Dahulu Sebelum Makan''
* Jgn main banjir especially ppuan time2 period.
* Xde kena mgena dgn org dlm pic k, just for share info.
*** Sila Comment  cikit sorng k. :-P

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Top 5 Gadgets for your Girlfriend

Top 5 Gadgets for your Girlfriend
The next Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and you have not yet decided what to gift to your girlfriend this time.
It is about time you stopped giving her those memorable yet probably boring greeting cards and flowers. If you cannot think of anything good enough, then you can gift her any one of the cool gadgets available in the market today. You can choose from a wide variety of items and if you are confused about which products will win the heart of your girlfriend, we are here to help you out. Given below is a list of the top 5
Gadgets we think will make you girlfriend happy if you give it to her either on a regular date or as a precious gift on Valentine’s Day.

An iPod

Top 5 Gadgets for your Girlfriend
An Apple a Day keeps the Doctor away. Similarly an Apple product keeps the problems away from your relationships to a big extent. Gift your sweetheart with an iPod either the cute and bubbly Shuffle or the sexier Nano. Either ones are going to impress her for sure.She might have been pestering you for your MP3 player or your music phone for her to listen to music and so a niche MP3 player like the iPod will make her fall flat on her heels.

A Portable Gaming Device

Top 5 Gadgets for your Girlfriend
Though predominantly meant for the stronger sex, gaming gadgets like the iPod Touch are fast becoming popular amongst the younger members of the fairer sex. So it is best to gift your girlfriend an iPod Touch or a portable gaming machine like the PSP as these machines have games aimed straight at women also.

A Digital Camera

Top 5 Gadgets for your Girlfriend
Girls love photography especially if they are at the facing side of the camera lens. So if your girl likes posing for pictures very much get her a cool digital camera preferably ones like the Sony Cybershot slim models which are dearer for girls because of its minimalist size. Gift her one and then pose for some individual snaps and then finally put your arms around her and take a picture of you two. It will be one of the best moments in your love life.

A Smartphone

Top 5 Gadgets for your Girlfriend

Well you could gift her a gadget that offers the functionality of all the above mentioned gadgets. What we meant is that you could get her a slick Smartphone. Make sure you get a good one and preferably running on Android OS and having a touch screen because girls always tend to fall for guys with touch screen phones and a BMW. Of the currently trending phones the Samsung Galaxy Y is a perfect choice for a gift.

A Tablet

Top 5 Gadgets for your Girlfriend
The ultimate expression of your love to her is by gifting her a Kiss but to prevent harsh responses which may sometimes be accompanied by her handbag or footwear, it is wise to gift her an expensive item before making your move. The best option in that case is a Tablet PC like the iPad or Samsung Galaxy Tab. She will fall head over heels on seeing this as girls normally measure a guys love for her on the money he spends for her and buying gifts forms a major portion in that account.
So there you have it, these were some of the coolest options we would recommend you to buy for your girlfriend and hope this becomes of great use for you.