Sunday, 13 November 2011

Top 5 Gadgets for your Girlfriend

Top 5 Gadgets for your Girlfriend
The next Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and you have not yet decided what to gift to your girlfriend this time.
It is about time you stopped giving her those memorable yet probably boring greeting cards and flowers. If you cannot think of anything good enough, then you can gift her any one of the cool gadgets available in the market today. You can choose from a wide variety of items and if you are confused about which products will win the heart of your girlfriend, we are here to help you out. Given below is a list of the top 5
Gadgets we think will make you girlfriend happy if you give it to her either on a regular date or as a precious gift on Valentine’s Day.

An iPod

Top 5 Gadgets for your Girlfriend
An Apple a Day keeps the Doctor away. Similarly an Apple product keeps the problems away from your relationships to a big extent. Gift your sweetheart with an iPod either the cute and bubbly Shuffle or the sexier Nano. Either ones are going to impress her for sure.She might have been pestering you for your MP3 player or your music phone for her to listen to music and so a niche MP3 player like the iPod will make her fall flat on her heels.

A Portable Gaming Device

Top 5 Gadgets for your Girlfriend
Though predominantly meant for the stronger sex, gaming gadgets like the iPod Touch are fast becoming popular amongst the younger members of the fairer sex. So it is best to gift your girlfriend an iPod Touch or a portable gaming machine like the PSP as these machines have games aimed straight at women also.

A Digital Camera

Top 5 Gadgets for your Girlfriend
Girls love photography especially if they are at the facing side of the camera lens. So if your girl likes posing for pictures very much get her a cool digital camera preferably ones like the Sony Cybershot slim models which are dearer for girls because of its minimalist size. Gift her one and then pose for some individual snaps and then finally put your arms around her and take a picture of you two. It will be one of the best moments in your love life.

A Smartphone

Top 5 Gadgets for your Girlfriend

Well you could gift her a gadget that offers the functionality of all the above mentioned gadgets. What we meant is that you could get her a slick Smartphone. Make sure you get a good one and preferably running on Android OS and having a touch screen because girls always tend to fall for guys with touch screen phones and a BMW. Of the currently trending phones the Samsung Galaxy Y is a perfect choice for a gift.

A Tablet

Top 5 Gadgets for your Girlfriend
The ultimate expression of your love to her is by gifting her a Kiss but to prevent harsh responses which may sometimes be accompanied by her handbag or footwear, it is wise to gift her an expensive item before making your move. The best option in that case is a Tablet PC like the iPad or Samsung Galaxy Tab. She will fall head over heels on seeing this as girls normally measure a guys love for her on the money he spends for her and buying gifts forms a major portion in that account.
So there you have it, these were some of the coolest options we would recommend you to buy for your girlfriend and hope this becomes of great use for you.



blogsayalaa :) said...

nak camera tuu!haha

Cik Semut... said...

salah satu untuk me k..thanx ^^..waiting..lalala~


@blogsayalaa : boleh2, if u get straight A's in ur SPM. ''then i privately sent to u that pic by email'' :-P

@cik semut GAJAH : boleh2, pick je mane kamu nk, then right click to that pic, then click save image.. :-p

waniee (: said...

wah. bertuahnya klu dpt slah stu hadiah tu. (:


@waniee : suruhlh pakwe waniee baca entry nie then dia faham2 lh.... huhu

Nur Kamalia said...

ksian si llaki sbb tpksa bli smua tu ntOk gadis ksayangan nya, tp sbb tlmpau syg, llki tdak kisah kan,
mne2 pOn bOleh sbnrnya, jnji ikhlas, lau xdpat tu smua, dpat ksih syg pOn da cukOp..:)


@nur kamalia: tau xpe, kesian kat llaki.. ppuan cuma tau terima then suka, tp llaki tseksa pasal duit. thats y peratusan llaki pinjam duit jauh lg tingi dr ppuan, smata2 nk hepikn pasangannya..